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What is SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the simplified name of the activity of ensuring that a website can be found in search engines such as Google, Bing or Yahoo through a combination of words and phrases.

To the untrained observer, this seems straightforward, but the truth of the matter is that for SEO to be effective, you need patience, a solid plan and writing that will not only harbour interest by readers but also Google or other search engine crawlers. So, what does this all mean?


Below we are going to lay out a scenario that happens across the country every single day; someone is looking for a service, agency, consultation or person. Back in the day, you would be able to pull up the White Pages and find a business or professional that you think could do the job or rely on word of mouth. However, today, we want to find professionals who are trusted, well respected and are doing the work to promote their business through multiple avenues, and this is where our scenario starts.


Person X wants to find a ‘Window Replacement Company in Pakistan’ and puts that phrase into their iPhone or Android phone’s browser. The browser redirects them to a Google search page with a list of companies. Noticing that the highest three companies have *ad* on their listing, person X scrolls down to the first page of Google to find company Y. They click on the website, read a bit about what they do and finally will give them a call or email. So, you may be asking yourself, how did company Y get to the highest spot on Google? Magic? Well… SEO.

How SEO works

Each SEO agency does things differently, and here at Aazulo, we have our own technical process that we touch on which can be found here. However, the main three steps are there for each agency, research, write and optimize.

SEO is not black magic, nor is it merely a name, but instead, it is a complicated and often complex campaign that takes months to complete. It all starts with research into top ranking words by a search engine, which in turn feeds into the very writing of the content. A content writer will utilise the right terms and names such as ‘SEO’ or ‘Pakistan SEO’ naturally into the writing, and then deliver the completed content for the website to the SEO agency. The SEO agency will then run its backend optimization, and the website will start it’s run up the Google or other search engine rankings.

SEO is generally considered a long-running campaign that is typically completed by a specialist agency like Aazulo. The reason that professionals can help is search engines often change how their ranking algorithms work or penalise companies who do not follow the new rules that most traditional companies would not be tracking. This is where Aazulo comes in as we are SEO professionals who know the landscape and how to prepare for upcoming changes.

So how does SEO benefit you?

How SEO benefits you in 2020

SEO is more than just a digital marketing campaign; it is a way for companies to get noticed in their local area. These sophisticated campaigns not only work on local SEO but also will work to grow your customer base year over year.

SEO is a set of Low-Cost Digital Marketing Efforts

When you look at the costs of running AdWords or pay per click advertising, SEO is one of the best deals on the market. Organic search engine optimization can get you to the top of the search engines without forcing you to increase your media advertising budget to pay for traffic on other media platforms. Proper SEO will allow you to get rid of the need for paying for space on the front page of Google.

SEO will provide your website with an increase in traffic due to local SEO

When you look at what SEO can provide your business, one of the clear-cut advantages is an increase in traffic to your website. A proper SEO campaign will provide your company with tangible and trackable traffic that grows organically over time. This is important as sustained traffic can help generate positive leads for your company, which in turn can lead to sales.

SEO can help your brand credibility

We live in an online world, and your business's online reputation is worth its weight in gold. Therefore, SEO is such an essential thing for your website design, social media and your brand. By having your website ranked in Google, your brand automatically gains credibility to the masses. Think about it this way, being on the first page of Google is like receiving thousands of personal endorsements.

SEO is a better return on investment than traditional media ads

For small and medium enterprises, your return on investment (ROI) is everything. The standard when it comes to conventional ads is for every 1000 visitors to your site from a paid media ad; you should expect a 2% conversion rate.

You will have access to data with SEO

SEO data is quite useful to businesses in that you can start to see trends and what people are searching for in your area. Consider this information a lead, and you and your salespeople can use this to your advantage by finding high search volume keywords that have low competitiveness in your area and translate that to hundreds, if not thousands of sales per month.

SEO results last

Unlike traditional media ad efforts, when you pause running an SEO campaign, the results last because the optimization keeps going. There is a need for occasional tweaking and other technical upkeep, but the positive results of a campaign can last for months.
Sounds interesting? Let's chat and see how Aazulo can help deliver a Pakistan SEO package that will make a difference within your current budget.

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